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The Gallipoli Scholarship fund is the most wonderful organisation I have known, and boy I have been around and  involved with a lot of different committees and organisations in our town.. You are such wonderful people helping out so many needy students. My Dad would be just so  proud of Matt if he was still with us today but my Mum makes up for it, she  is a very, very proud grandmother (Nan).   Having some beautiful rain has cheered  up all the  farmers, however it will take several years to get back on track.  As I said, far from over but it’s a very positive start, at least it is green. Once again, from the bottom of our country hearts, I cannot thank you guys enough for helping our son through these difficult times in 2019 and 2020.

Libby Thompson, Barraba NSW, mother of 2019 Scholarship recipient and 2020 Bill Hall Bursary recipient Matthew Thompson

"I had a pretty enjoyable 1st semester, and it was definitely a big eye opener seeing all of the different research and work going on at the uni. At the moment I am looking into helping out with a research project in the field of Geographical Sciences during my summer holidays, and plans are starting to come together for a study abroad semester next year in the UK.  

 I also wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the committee and everyone involved in the presentation ceremony in April.  It truly was a memorable day in so many ways.  I came away from the day feeling more connected and grateful to my forebears than ever before. Hearing everyone else’s stories was also a highlight.  I was deeply humbled by everyone’s genuine interest in me and the kindness shown.  I really felt surrounded by the best and this was truly inspiring. It was definitely an experience I will look back on with the best of memories."

Brodie Crouch, July 2019

"I really appreciate the Gallipoli Scholarship. It has made such a difference to my life. To be able to dedicate my time to my studies, social life, extra-curricular activities etc. would not be possible if I had to work a casual or part time job to support myself.  

Mathew West, May 2019

"We are very grateful that he received the scholarship as it helped Darrell tremendously in his studies. I would like to thank the Gallipoli Scholarship team for their support as it helped him enormously". 

Anne Marie Burnett – mother of Darrell Burnett,  May 2019

“I wanted to write to you to thank yourself, your scholarships team and my mentor for believing and having faith in me in regards to my uni studies which means the absolute world to me.

Thank you so much to you all for my second instalment payment which is very important to myself to continue my studies without any extra burdens or worries. Your scholarship team and your belief in me is wonderful and has kept me motivated to keep striving forward no matter what hurdles come my way.  I will be forever grateful to your amazing and generous team and cannot express my gratitude enough.

I strongly believe positivity, confidence and persistence are the keys in life, so never give up.

I am so thankful that you have made this investment in my future and will always be grateful and appreciative.” 

Cooper Thompson 20 September 2018

"I would like to thoroughly thank you for the trust you placed in me through emotional and financial support during my first year. If it weren’t for this scholarship, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now, and you have my utmost appreciation for that.

I’m set to graduate at the end of the year with a High Distinction average on the Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance – that is, if I keep up the hard work."

Alisha Brown 17 February 2018

"In all honesty the Gallipoli scholarship helped me immensely over the course of this year, and that’s only regarding the finances. Living unemployed and away from home trying to work out life and University was made so much easier with the increased security and assistance that the money provided. It seriously was a great blessing to me. Aside from that I also got all these wonderful bonuses of meeting remarkable people and opportunities to attend awesome events plus so much support and encouragement. I’m honoured to be a part of this community". 

Louise Edwards 15 January 2018

"It has been absolutely wonderful receiving the Gallipoli Scholarship this year and has greatly assisted me financially (especially when I needed to buy a new laptop last semester,). It was a great honour to attend the function at Government House and definitely one of the highlights of the scholarship for me. Thankyou for your helpful and uplifting mentorship and I hope you receive many meritorious and inspiring applicants for the scholarship in 2018."

Laura Wratten 10 January 2018

"I have attached my academic transcript for 2017. I was awarded the Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence as shown on my transcript. I am currently doing a semester 3 to complete 3 subjects over the summer. Having the scholarship certainly allows me to do this as it will support me financially. Thanks so much for your support and please pass on my wishes for a great Christmas to everyone." 

 Jane Higgins - 2017 Bill Hall Scholarship winner

"I would like to reiterate just how thrilled and proud I am to have received this amazing Scholarship, especially with my sister having received the same just two years ago. Through Madlen I have seen what an enormous help the funding has been and already I am fast becoming aware how many associated costs there are involved with studying."

 Grace Cory - 2013 Scholarship winner

"One of my grandfather's dreams was that his children have a better standard of life than he did. He achieved that as my parents had a higher standard of education that he did and as a result a better standard of living. Now I have the opportunity to achieve a higher level of education. I am grateful to have found my grandfather's family values are held in such high importance by the attending this presentation ceremony. I feel his aspirations have been fulfilled. I accept this scholarship with pride and hold this legacy with hope to pass it on."
April O'Neil - 2012 Scholarship winner

"The Scholarship Presentation was really overwhelming for me and I felt very special to part of such an occasions. I thoroughly encourage all future receipts of the Scholarship to attend the luncheon as it really brings home the importance of those who have gone before us and just how auspicious the Gallipoli Scholarship really is."
Madlen Corey - 2012 Scholarship winner

"The money that I was awarded for the Bill Hall Memorial Scholarship has assisted me immensely over the past two years. Along with the costs of textbooks, accommodation Fees and university fees I have found internships associated with degree in journalism to be quite costly as most of them require living away from home. I hope the Scholarship remains prominent over the coming years."
Simone Norrie - 2010 Scholarship winner

"Thank you very much for the Scholarship, it was extremely helpful to me – I was able to buy the textbooks I needed as well as some equipment, such as my stethoscope. It will also help with expenses of living away from home. I am most appreciative and grateful."
Rebecca Plummer - 2009 Scholarship winner

"Thank you for your support via the Bill Hall Memorial Scholarship and I would like to acknowledge how it has allowed my full participation in University Life in sport, academia and college life. As well as allowing participation in a joint degree program with the National University of Singapore."
Louisa Osborne - 2009 Scholarship winner

"I just wanted to say thank you to the members of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund for their generosity.  The scholarship means that I can now focus more of my efforts on my studies and I am extremely grateful for that.  Thank you also for the presentation ceremony at the Merrylands RSL Club, it was an honour to be involved with such a group of men and women.""
Annabel Toms - 2009 Scholarship winner

"My studies are going really well – currently I am doing a project on Leonardo Da Vinci looking at his inventions as well as his art. I love my course and am very grateful to have been selected for a Gallipoli Scholarship."
Emily Keys - 2008 Scholarship winner

"Thank you very much for awarding me a Gallipoli Scholarship.  My Family and I were delighted and I am extremely appreciative of the generosity of the Scholarship committee and the amazing opportunity it provides for young people like myself. I and my family enjoyed the presentation ceremony at the Merrylands RSL.  It was lovely to meet members of the Gallipoli Scholarship Committee as well as representatives from the organisations that contribute to the Scholarship fund."
Rebecca Kuehn - 2008 Scholarship winner

"The money from the scholarship provided me with the financial security to focus on my studies and also allowed me to enjoy my time as a student and for that I am very grateful. The sacrifices of my great-grandfather in World War I encouraged me to join the army reserve so that I could serve my nation if need be, however for a career I have chosen to serve my government in the public service. I believe that the scholarship that you continue to provide young Australians is very helpful in a financial aspect, but it also does help create a sense of identity and pride in its recipients. Kind Regards and all the best."
Roger Stephenson - 2007 Scholarship winner

"I have finished my first year of University! It has been a remarkable year filled with countless memories and experiences. I thought before 2009 progresses too far, I should write and let you know all that has happened in the last 6 months.  In my second semester of Uni I studied Spanish, European Studies, International Relations : Continuity and Change, and the Fundamentals of Physics (as my elective). I received three distinctions and one credit (I was one mark below a distinction in Spanish). I really enjoyed my subjects especially Physics because I have not studied science since the 10th grade! In my classes I met and developed friendships with some very lovely and interesting people. They were the ones who made the past six months some of the best of my life.  For the last three months I have been working at a Newsagency in Coogee and at Waverley Library. I was fortunate enough to find both jobs through the Uni’s Jobs and Employment website just as the semester was finishing and have spent most of my holidays earning money. Thanks to your generous scholarship I didn’t have to work for the majority of the second semester and instead, used that time to focus on my studies and make the most of university life. I really like my two jobs and the people I work with. I am gaining good experience and it is a nice change from retail!  Before I go, I want to say a humungous thank you for choosing me as the recipient of the Bill Hall Memorial Scholarship in 2007. It has been such a blessing to me over the past 12 months. Whilst easing the financial burden of living away from home, it has given me the opportunity to pursue my goals, meet amazing people, learn and experience new things and achieve in my academic studies. Your scholarship has helped me develop and I know that whatever the future brings, I am well prepared. I will write to you again soon to let you know what I am up to this year."
Tessa Gorman - 2007 Scholarship winner

"My first year of university has been extremely hectic, involving much hard work and dedication, but at the same time it has been a very exciting and enjoyable experience. The extra financial assistance that the scholarship provided greatly contributed to my positive experiences this year, especially as it allowed me to have secure accommodation (at Sancta Sophia College within the University of Sydney), purchase essential text books and it greatly helped with daily travel expenses (my university course is on a different campus to that on which I live). The scholarship has eased the financial and consequent emotional stress placed on my family, allowing them to enjoy my university experience as much as I have."
Keely Morris - 2007 Scholarship winner

"I would like to thank the Gallipoli Scholarship fund for providing me with financial assistance for my first year of study engineering at the University of New South Wales(UNSW). The scholarship has allowed me to live and study comfortably without the need to have a part time job. Having this financial assistance removed a large amount of the stress associated with moving to Sydney from a rural area. Not having to worry about money during this time allowed me to focus purely on university work and settling into life in Sydney.  I have been very happy with my results from my first semester; I obtained a credit average across my four subjects of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering Design and Engineering Mechanics. I’m enjoying immensely living and studying in Sydney at UNSW and would like to thank the Gallipoli Scholarship for contributing to my University experience"
Jaxon O’Shea - 2007 Scholarship winner

"The Bill Hall Scholarship that I received funded a large portion of my first year of University and I am eternally grateful to have received the scholarship. It meant that I could work less hours at my part-time job and focus more on my studies as the financial burden was lessened considerably. By being able to focus on my studies more I was able to discover my passion for accounting which is the career path I am now taking. I wish to thank all at Merrylands RSL for the presentation ceremony and the relatives of Bill Hall for making this scholarship available to people such as myself. It is truly an opportunity to pursue our dreams without the financial burden."
Samantha Ross - 2006 Scholarship winner

"I would like to express my appreciation to the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Inc. for the financial assistance that I received in 2006 for my first year of university from the Bill Hall Memorial Scholarship.  With this assistance I was able to purchase the required textbooks, lecture notes, computer programs and CD’s for my courses, as well as covering my travel expenses to and from university. This has enabled me to focus on my studies and not have to worry about finding the money to pay for these items.
I wish to congratulate the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Inc. for providing scholarships to first year university students. Having received a scholarship myself, I now realise how great financial assistance is to starting tertiary studies. I hope that scholarships will be in place for many years to come and be of assistance to others. I have completed my first year of university and am about to commence second year studies. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year of university, learning many new things and meeting new people."
Timothy Rowe - 2006 Scholarship winner

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for granting me the Gallipoli Scholarship. I feel privileged to be able to continue the Gallipoli tradition of my great great grandfather through my chosen career as Nurse/Paramedic.  This scholarship has eased the financial burden of studying but has also made me more determined to excel in my course to be an asset to the memory of our fallen servicemen and women.  As a result of being in receipt of this honourable award I was capable, and I still am, of undertaking study at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.  Thank you once again for this honour and the opportunity to be part of the ongoing Gallipoli tradition."
Therese O'Sullivan - 2005 Scholarship winner

"I was a recipient of a Gallipoli Scholarship in 2004. This scholarship has helped immensely throughout my university career.  During my first semester in 2004 I received two distinctions and two credits. During the second semester I obtained three distinctions and a credit. At the conclusion of the year I was invited to join the Golden Key Association because my overall results had placed me in the top 15% of the university. This association is an international group that gives me contacts / job offers throughout the world once I have finished my degree as well as giving ongoing support whilst I am still at university.  Throughout my first year I also participated in many sporting events. Notably I was named Netball Rookie of the Year and received a bronze medallion at the Australian University Games for Women’s AFL.  The first semester of my second year saw me obtain two credits and two passes. In the second semester I obtained a High Distinction, two distinctions and a credit. I also managed to top the Educational Psychology component of my course.  2005 saw me participate in my first teaching practical at Kildare Catholic College, Wagga Wagga. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and received a great report which made me realise that I have chosen the right career path.  During 2005 I also attained a certificate III in Outdoor Recreation at TAFE. This certificate enables me to teach numerous outdoor activities; such as abseiling, mountain biking and bushwalking, in both the school and public sectors.  Sport also played an important role in my second year of university. I again played netball for the university and was vice-president of the Women’s AFL club, where we again received a gold medal at the Eastern University Games.  I hope all the other recipients of the scholarship are going well and having as much fun as I am at university and I will endeavour to keep in more regular contact with you in the near future."
Mary O’Reilly - 2004 Scholarship winner"

I began university in February 2002 at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst studying a four year double degree course: Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Training (Primary Teaching). I went on to successfully complete my first year of university, completing a combination of eight units made up of psychology and education subjects.  The scholarship provided by the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Inc was used to pay for all my university related expenses during my first year such as accommodation, university fees and textbooks. This generous financial support gave me all of the support I needed to succeed at my studies during my first year at university.  I went on to successfully complete my second and third years of my double degree. I will finish my double degree at the end of 2005 and will graduate in May 2007.  After graduation I plan to teach for a few years and eventually complete post graduate studies in Psychology to become a qualified private practice psychologist or school counsellor. I chose to complete a double degree so I would have a number of career options for the years ahead. I am also interested in social welfare and I will eventually complete further studies in this area due to its close relationship to Psychology.  The Gallipoli Scholarship has given me so many career options and opportunities for my future and helped me to make my university dream of studying a reality. I would recommend this scholarship to any eligible student continuing on to tertiary study emphasizing that it will provide the person with countless opportunities and support in relation to their university studies.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Inc. for all of their support during my first year at university and for making this scholarship possible in supporting young adults in the their initial studies at university which can be a period of uncertainty."
Veronica Howard - 2002 Scholarship winner

"I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 and I am now working as a graduate lawyer with Minter Ellison in Sydney. During my studies I studied Mandarin in Beijing, Chinese law in Shanghai and spent my final semester studying international trade law at Uppsala University in Sweden. I'm looking forward to the challenges and exciting opportunities ahead as I commence my career.  Thank you again for the support the Fund provided in my first year of university study. It assisted my moving to Sydney and the opportunity to experience all I have as a result!"
Bree Miechel - 1999 Scholarship co-winner 12/6/1999

"Without the assistance of the Gallipoli Scholarship I could not have moved away from home. Now I am studying the course of my choice at the University of my choice. The Scholarship also commemorates the efforts of our soldiers in the First World War, an action with which I am proud to be associated. I am very grateful for the opportunity the Gallipoli Scholarship offers."
Jenny Down - 1998 Scholarship co-winner 12/6/1998

"The Gallipoli Scholarship has given me a wonderful start to my University career, helping me with my many University expenses - books, equipment and fees - thus allowing me to participate in and enjoy my course more fully. The Scholarship has allowed me to learn much more about my great grandfather Charles Henry Way and the men who fought at Gallipoli and the effects this battle had in shaping our nation. I have also been privileged to share an Anzac Day and Gallipoli Scholarship Presentation with some very special people, including two World War 1 veterans and a number of World War 2 veterans. It was a wonderful day! I am very grateful for this Scholarship and to all those who have worked so hard to make the Gallipoli Scholarship possible." 
Michelle Byrne - 1998 Scholarship co-winner 12/6/1998

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