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Gallipoli Scholarship Recipients in the Year of Commencing University

1998   Michelle Byrne and Jennifer Down
1999   Bree Miechel and Keryn Stewart
2000   Heather Stephenson and Michael Robinson
2001   Natalie Louise Dudley and Arianwyn E. Lowe
2002   Emma Slack-Smith and Veronica Howard
2003   Christopher Allen, Rebecca Mutton, and Shani Archer
2004   Jennifer Bowden, Mary O'Reilly and Rosemary Thom
2005   Therese O'Sullivan, Alicia Price and Krista Sambuco
2006   Natalie Bowden, Hayley Elizabeth Gordon, Ben St Claire,
            Elizabeth Dernee
2007   Melissa Matthews, Jaxon O’Shea, Keely Morris, Roger Stephenson
2008   Emily Keys, Rebecca Kuehn, Amelia Withers, Dennae Schleibs 
2009   Felicity Mathews, Rebecca Plummer, Katelyn Menzies, Claire Twivey 
2010   Sophie Burley, Jarrah Prior, Alexandra Peters, Annika Rookyard 
2011   Madlen Corey, Shannon Moses, Skye Loneragan, Jennifer Calacoci 
2012   Hannah McIntyre, Danielle Plummer, Catherine Loneragan,
Olivia Rowland
2013   Sinead Stone, Grace Cory, Isabella Thompson
2014   Tayla Browning, Kevin Pfitzner, Cameron Edwards
2015   Alisha Brown, Catherine Dietrich, Elizabeth Dietrich, Shannon Kennedy
2016   Kaitlyn Browning, Joanna Endacott, Darrell Burnet
2017   Jarrod Lee, Louise Edwards, Tom Milson, Sam Handford
2018   Oscar Ricardo, Cooper Thompson, Tess McCormack, Zoe George,
           Josephine McGrath Webber, Clarence Harre, Eamonn Beatts

2019  Brodie Crouch, Matthew Thompson, Matthew West, Conor Beatts,

     Brooke Cairns, Reon Roberts, Jackson Raeburn, Ella Sprunt (at right)

   with guest speaker, Chief of Army, Lieutenant Rick Burr, Kokoda

           veteran Charles Munnery and Gallipoli Scholarship Fund Patrons,

   His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley and Mrs Linda



Bill Hall Bursary

2019  Zoe George, Clarence Harre (inaugural recipients, also at right)


Bill Hall Memorial Scholarship

2006   Samantha Ross, Timothy Rowe
2007   Tessa Gorman, Andrea Cartwright
2008   Annabel Toms, Louisa Osborne
2009   Bethany Buckman, Clair Edwards, Zachary Gorman
2010   Tim Hunter, Lucy Mort, Simone Norrie 
2011   Laura Sealey, Jessica Richardson, Amy Loneragan 
2012   Madeline Seiter, April O'Neill, Alexandra Scott 
2013   Hayden Sealy, Amy Gilford, Joshua Kingsford 
2014   Naomi Clements, Carly Rixon, Amy Pryce 
2015   Orlando Lucas, Elizabeth Shaw, Zachary Shaw 
2016   Abby Cartwright, William Byrnes
2017   Jane Higgins, Laura Wratten, Andrew Clements, 
             Sage Hennigar, Keiren Bellemore, Ashlee van Os

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