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Gallipoli Scholarship 2021

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund offers up to seven scholarships annually to assist Australian students in their first year of tertiary study either at university or TAFE (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level).

The scholarships are open to Australian citizens who are direct descendants of Australian and, from 2021, New Zealand veterans, who meet the selection criteria. The current value of each scholarship is $6,000pa which is reviewed regularly by the Management Committee. 

Scholarships are awarded on the decision of the Gallipoli Scholarship Selection Committee (GSSC). The essential selection criteria which must be satisfied to qualify for a Scholarship is outlined below and the decision of the GSSC is final and not open to appeal.

Due to continuing changed university course offering procedures as a result of Covid-19, the 2021 closing date for applications for the Gallipoli Scholarship has been extended to 1st March.

In addition, to provide more opportunities for eligible scholars, the GSF is continuing to introduce additional specific bursaries:

Bill Hall Bursary

 Since 2019, the GSF has awarded the Bill Hall Bursary as an incentive for first year Gallipoli Scholars who achieve a minimum Distinction average to apply for funding for their second year of tertiary study. The Bursary perpetuates the memory of Bill Hall,  a World War II veteran from the Battle of Milne Bay in New Guinea, who was one of the founders of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund.

Merrylands RSL Bursary

Since 2020, the GSF has awarded the Merrylands RSL (MRSL) Bursary. The Merrylands club is a long-standing supporter of the GSF and annually hosts the presentation lunches.  The Bursary aims to support the allocation of a Bursary to a student from western Sydney or alternatively, a student from a regional area making the big step to attend a Sydney-based university. 

Lockheed Martin Australia Bursary

Since 2020, the GSF has awarded the Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) Bursary. The current agreement is for 12 bursaries over the first five years with an opportunity to extend. To be eligible for a LMA Bursary, applicants must satisfy the same core criteria common to all scholarships and additionally be enrolled in a tertiary course of study in a STEM field or related discipline. In subsequent years the bursary winners may become eligible for internships with LMA.

Calleo Indigenous Bursary

Indigenous Australians are encouraged to apply for all scholarships/bursaries, however, commencing in 2021, the GSF will award three Calleo Indigenous Bursaries to specifically honour indigenous veterans. The agreement allows for three indigenous scholar for three years with an opportunity to extend.  

Hall Rotary Club Bursary

Commencing in 2021, the GSF will award the Hall Rotary Club (HRC) Bursary to a first-year student engaged in tertiary studies related to agriculture, with priority being given to candidates from the ACT/NSW region.  The current agreement calls for a minimum of one scholar for three years with an opportunity to extend.

EY Bursary

Also commencing in 2021, the GSF will award the Ernst & Young (EY) Bursary to a first-year student engaged in tertiary studies related to EY’s core activities, such as business, economics or finance. EY will provide internship to the selected scholar, and if the scholar proves worthy EY will continue to provide funding for subsequent years of the degree.  The current agreement calls for a minimum of one new scholar per year for five years with an opportunity to extend.

Bursaries will also be provided in 2021 by Fairfield RSL Club, EBPRSL Club, Dubbo RSL Club, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Memorial Bursary, Gallipoli Memorial Club and the Macintosh Foundation. 

Please read the requirements for selection carefully and ensure that when submitting your application the required supporting documentation is included.  Supporting documents can be mailed to the following address or scanned and emailed to    

Jan Hartmann 
Suite 1103, 109 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000


An applicant for the Scholarship must:

  • Have qualified and been accepted to undertake tertiary study at University or TAFE (the latter at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level).
  • Be able to show necessitous circumstances through ill health of family members, death, separation from parents or guardians, unexpected financial loss or asset reduction that could impact on the applicant’s ability to attend university or TAFE.
  • Be in receipt of or be eligible to receive Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or a similar Government benefit. This must be supported by relevant documentation in the form of the client registration number showing date of application and/or the decision in relation to the application
  • Be an Australian citizen.
  • From 2021 scholarship applicants must be a direct descendant of a Service man or woman who has served in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force in any conflict or peacekeeping role since the First World War. 
  •  Be under 25 years of age on 1 March in the year of application.
  • Commence their first year of university or TAFE studies (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level) in the year of application and be studying full-time.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on evidence of the following criteria:

  • Completion of the Application Form, available on this website, which provides personal details (including full contact details) and summarises the applicant's performance, achievements and interests.
  • Provision of the applicant’s birth certificate.
  • A record of the applicant’s academic record at High School.
  • A copy of the applicant’s Higher School Certificate or similar qualification and notification of an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or similar.
  • A brief explanation of the necessitous circumstances that could impact on the applicant's ability to attend university or TAFE.
  • Eligibility for payment of Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY, or a similar Government benefit.
  • Evidence of a direct line of descent from an Australian serviceman or servicewoman who served in all conflicts or peacekeeping operations since World War I (a direct line of descent means the ancestor must be a parent, grandparent or great grandparent; but not an uncle, aunt, cousin, step-parent or step-grandparent. This evidence must be supported by:
    • a simple family tree showing the line of descent to the applicant;  and
    • providing the relevant details of the serviceman's or servicewoman’s record -  ie; Number, Rank, Name, Branch of Service, enlistment and discharge information, area of service if known (eg Gallipoli, the Western Front, North Africa, New Guinea, etc).

Please ensure that all supporting documentation is scanned and attached to electronic applications; or copied, attached and mailed in hard copy applications.  

Do NOT send original photos or documents.  All documents must be copied from an original and certified by a person appropriately qualified under the  Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993 – Schedule 2. These include but are not limited to:

  • A Justice of the Peace (including their registration number)
  • An accountant
  • A member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent
  • A judge, barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • A Commissioner for Affidavits, Declarations or Oaths
  • A bail justice or sheriff
  • A police officer
  • A postal manager
  • A principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school
  • A medical practitioner
  • A minister of religion

Documents are NOT to be verified by an immediate relative or a person residing at the same address as the applicant.


To apply online please answer the following questions to confirm you are eligible

Are you an Australian citizen under 25 years of age?

Yes No

Are you the direct descendant of an Australian or New Zealand Service man or woman who has served in any conflict or peacekeeping operation from the First World War to the present day?

Yes No

Are you in receipt of, or eligible to receive Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or a similar Australian Government benefit?

Yes No

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